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Teaching Method

In teaching you I will concentrate on the following four elements.  At the beginning, we'll work on understanding lute notation (starting with French tablature) and build the foundation of technique and awareness.  As you gain more proficiency, musicality will become a bigger component of your learning.
Technique: This is the mechanics of producing a beautiful sound from your lute, that's completely under your control. It involves how you hold the instrument, and the separate techniques for the left and right hands, and their coordination.
Awareness: This is about learning what sounds and feels right.  This feeds back into your technique to maintain the quality of sound, and fluidity of performance, and allows you to shape it at will.
Music Theory: This is the understanding of how to transform written music into sound.  It encompasses music notation, rhythm, pitch, scales and chords.
Musicality: This brings all the other strands together.  It involves phrasing, dynamics, ornamentation, and the skills required to make music with other people.