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Hiring a lute

For most of us, buying a lute is a considerable investment. It makes very little sense to part with so much money unless you're sure that it's for you, and until you have enough experience of the instrument and the repertoire to choose the right instrument.

The Lute Society has a pool of instruments for hire at very reasonable rates to members.

To start with you're best to hire a lute in G or A with six courses.  Seven or eight courses are also fine to start with, though beginners are usually more comfortable with six.

So of the Lute Society hire pool, the instruments to look at for starters would be:

 Number     Courses Pitch
 1 6 G
 2 6 G
 39 6 G
 47 6 G
 3 7 G
 6 7 G
 8 8 G
 5 8 G